Monday, 25 October 2010

urban interaction

This was an attempt to study the urban environment. The cities of the world have proved to be a rich and varied location for numerous artists, photographers and film makers, each with their own motivation, impulse and method. I have produced a series of images that responds to the idea of 'urban interaction'. After assigning myself a location in Swansea city centre, I took over 200 photos and narrowed it down but here is a small selection.

Research included photographer: Walker Evans who documented subway passangers in the 1920s and 30s; artist and photographer Ed Ruscha who captured the essence of American Gas Stations and the Sunset Strip. Having travelled to New York City four times, I took great interest in the work of Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and Joel Meyerowitz. Their study of New York streets show the true character of such a busy and hard working city. I've taken many photos of the big apple which could prove worthy of a future blog so will dig out the snaps.

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