Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Mighty Post-it

The Post-it is such a recognised brand and I personally love to use the loveable coloured sticky notes at every opportunity I get and so do the French, where a recent Post-it war has kicked off in Paris. French office workers have been using and abusing the contents of their stationery cupboards to battle with offices across the streets to see who can create the best window designs.

I was pointed in the direction of this interesting stop motion animation using hundreds of sticky notes. The film, which is a pure delight to watch is entitled 'Deadline' and was filmed by an individual called Bang-Yao Liu. It took him and a small crew of 9 exactly 163 hours and 23 min to place all the post-it's used and holds almost 7 hours worth of editing.

Stink'n is not yet a house hold name for producing colourful little slips of sticky paper but is attempting to make their big impression stick. They use the same concept to produce a short film in their online and social media campaign to promote their product.

Proving that post-it's are a huge success and a great source of inspiration I used the the mighty sticky square in a small promotion project. This lead me to create a series of images used for print and social media. An eye catching and identifiable image I am sure you'll agree.

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