Saturday, 21 August 2010

Anyone for Pimm's?

In the last week, like a game of cricket, our glorious Summer sun has been called off due to rain. Yet this doesn't mean we can't all still enjoy a well made glass of Pimm's. This 'classy' and very British drink has seen a sharp growth in the last three years, establishing itself as the second most valuable brand during Summer. Over the last decade, the success of the brand has been supported by the humorous upper-class character Harry Fitzgibbon-Sims seen in the TV adverts, played by actor Alexander Armstrong.

In 2005, to further boost sales outside the summer months, some clever thinker came up with the idea of relaunching Pimm's No 3 as the Pimm's Winter Cup. This is a brandy based drink blended with orange zest and spices. Re-launched, it came with a branded teapot and tea cozy that brought limited success, other than being a novelty.

Pimm's TV ad's over the years have been a triumph and emphasised the link between the beverage, summer and all things British. This ad from the 1980's is an early example of the drink that's long on style showing that chic trends come and go, but Pimm's will never go out of fashion.
The new ad for Summer 2010, created by London agency Mother is an original and clever concept that will be sure to help boost the Pimms brand strength. Filmed in areas of Notting Hill and Clapham, it shows a typical English gent branded with the screen message 'Pimms No. 1'. He struts around the streets, picking up followers that are all labled as a required ingredient for a decent Pimm's. Costumes give each character a sence of importance and taste, carried out by new age Costume Designer and Stylist Mr Gammon. Whilst keeping the well established 'It's Pimm's O'Clock' message, it is a well executed campaign. With all the awful '' that has been all too common this summer, Pimm's 'The Call Up', is an ad that shall be remembered with an excellent creative answer to campaign brief and enjoyed by all. "Now ... Anyone for Pimm's!?"

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