Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lack of blog due to ...

There has been a lack of blog due to serious lack of inspiration! To find a dose of the magical stuff, I took a trip to Birmingham City University Grad Shows to see what I could find. Snapped a good few photos from the day and saw some amazing pieces of art, design and similar creations.

The fashion + textiles, visual communication and photography exhibitions were all pretty inspiring and made me want to get back to Uni. I am going to dust of my portfolio and see if I can't apply for a creative masters somewhere. I better start saving the mula because a masters ain't that cheap! Still it was so refreshing to see all the graduates work. The fashion design was remarkable as well as the illustration work.

Since I work for a small agency, my work load overlaps from creative, design + marketing, to photography, web design and now PR. Since my use of the English language isn't that shit hot, I know I will never be any good at PR! I can churn out ideas, creative concepts, design, adverts and branding but as a creative so-un-so, I'm finding the whole organisation of press trips difficult. It doesn't help that for the last few weeks tabloid sports journalists have all been at the US Golf Open and now Wimbledon. It also doesn't help that I am not a keen golfer!

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