Tuesday, 29 June 2010

lack of inspiration now lack of design

Having now come out of my serious 'lack of inspiration session' I am now starting a period of serious 'lack of design work due to an ill computer'. Not to worry, it has led me to whip out a sketchbook and sharpen my pencils! With 3 hours on the train later, I will be sure to come up with something.
Today, heading to London, I have slotted in some time to take photos, eat, partay and visit the work from the 2010 graduating year of the University of Wales, Newport Documentary Photography degree. They have recently started a new course called photography for fashion and advertising which is seriously tempting, if it wasn't another 3 years + a serious amount of moneys, I'd be interested. In the mean time, I've still been snapping away, with my selection of cameras + tripods! This supposed fashion shot: 'little black suit, little black tie, little black shoes' is being posted because if anything it's a bit different ... odd different! Yup, without a theme, assignment or topic to base a decent photo shoot around, I'm officially loosing it! Work is sending me to take photos of 30 consultant surgeons at a hospital in the next few weeks, so yes my content isn't that great.
Also heading to the University of the Arts London's summer graduate shows for another dose of inspiration. I will be heading to view the next generation of art, design, fashion, communication and performance talent - so should be entertaining. looking forward to seeing the Photography for Fashion show at the Richard Young Gallery.

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