Monday, 7 June 2010

Let me tell you why Pepsi is better than Coke ...

...Pepsi has better advertising! I love this ad. I worked on a beach for 6 summers and sadly never came across anything like this!
However this ad from Pepsi wan't that well thought through and has a hidden message. The ad shows a little kid buying two cans of Coke from a drinks machine, using them to stand on to reach the Pepsi button at the top. The kid walks off not caring about the cans of Coke he just bought, because hey...he's got a Pepsi - however who do you think comes out on top? Is it Pepsi, showing they have the better taste or is it the Coke shareholders - because for every Pepsi sold - two Cokes are bought! Coca Cola is a powerful organisation that brought the colour red to symbolize Christmas. For me, it's not that holly jolly time of year without a few things: visiting the German Market in Birmingham, shopping more than usual and the well known 'holidays a coming' advert appearing on the TV. However, this festive Pepsi v Coke Delivery Guy ad is a strong competitor proving that there is nothing like the great taste of Pepsi.

Also this is worth a look: a youtube video simply explaining 'why Pepsi is better than Coke', from a guy in Maine. (Which is where I spent last Summer fyi).

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