Thursday, 15 July 2010

I haven't blogged for ages!

Today I hear BBH have said goodbye to their 28 year long account with my second favorite (my first being Lucky Brand) denim company Levis. They'll be in the market for a new agency but I'll see if I can't get busy and create some clever concepts to send their way before hand.

On the subject of clever concepts, that amazingly put together Old Spice viral ad', I blogged about a while ago, has taken itself up a notch by continuing to create brand awareness through follow up social media. Via @oldspice twitter page anyone can ask the handsome 'Old Spice Guy' something and in return large cooperations and celebs have received personal video messages from the strong scented actor!

As I said before Old Spice has always been something your dad would have in his bathroom cabinet. Today however thanks to the work of agency Wieden + Kennedy’s and this genius campaign, Old Spice will now considered as being "hip, funny and cutting-edge".

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