Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Day 1: A day of difficult clients

First day of the blog and I don't have anything juicy to talk about:

Difficult client number one - had me re-colour marketing material designs in 4 different shades of background, which to be honest all looked the same. Difficult client number two - decided they want to change the font colour across 32 insert designs, luckily this beefy alteration is being done out of house.

Spent the day: stamping + posting 350 invites to the Welsh Women Mean Business conference, trying to adapt 2 different web designs into one, bought milk and a mini camera tripod. On the subject of photography, Mulberry's flagship store in London was tranformed into a colourful Glasto' scene (below) by photographer Venetia Dearden where she launched her festival image book. Today I sneezed 4 times, filled up with petrol and gotta head to the barracks for another drill night.

Through the Cardiff Arts Institute I was able to get theatre tickets for a £1 this evening but got no-one to go with! On top of that and the height of excitement through sneezing 4 times today - I am going to head around to one of the pubs in pontcanna for a late night solo beer. Talking of beer, it's good to hear that Peter Kay has returned to the John Smiths advertising.

First daily blog ... DONE!

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