Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Photo's, Fashion & Fish Fingers

Something I have only just come across is the Uniform Project - a fashion challenge that starting in May '09. A girl in the USA pledged to wear one dress for a whole year! It was a exercise in sustainable fashion - a tough one as everyday the project needed to re-invent the same outfit. With it's daily blog, the whole thing raised almost $100,000 for charity - just shows that so much can come from the simplest of ideas! On the subject of fashion be sure to look at what's on offer this Graduate Fashion Week or closer to home is the Swansea Met Art & Design 'How it is' final show on May 25th. Both events are in the next few weeks are worth stopping by.

I couldn't quite put my finger on this piece of advertising: Why has hollywood actor Willem Dafoe done the new birds eye advert - is he that short of cash or do birds eye really need to sell more peas!? He plays the voice of a cute polar bear as part of the £9million campaign across radio and TV. They are obviously trying to build brand awareness with the hope people will eat more fish fingers! Well I love peas, fish fingers and ... Milky Way! Was so happy to see the old advert back on TV as it took me back to my younger years!

Moving on to the subject of photography, the search for the Great British Photograph is on + I will certainly try my best to enter! On the judging panel is Vogue UK Creative Director, Robin Derrick. Now there's someone with an impressive CV and one of the most sought-after creative directors in the world, something I aspire to be! If you're in need of some photography inspiration have a look at local photographer raywatkinsphotography, whos wife is the MD in the offices next door. And if you got another 2min, visit my website to see my recent fashion photography snaps or my flickr page. I just love taking photos!

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