Friday, 14 May 2010

Day 4: Now that was clever idea!

Spent most of yesterday doing market research analysis :( but in a brief tea break, I came across this cracking creative idea that deserves some more recognition. Homebase added a slash of colour (and a heck of a lot of furniture) to an big empty train station. Their message 'make a house a home' along with the well planned stunt shows what you can do to any space.
This amazing guerilla advertising campaign created so much positive PR across social media: the video via TV+youtube; flickr; with a "Keep Carlisle Train Station like This" facebook group set up. Since it was a listed building, the council repainted the station, but Homebase will be continuing to transform more space across the UK as part of the ongoing campaign, so keep your eye's open. It would be so much fun writing a press release for this! I also wonder if they could do something to spruse up Swansea station!?
I love advertising that turns heads - have a look at the campaigns I was responsible for when working at Swansea Students Union at - a much smaller scale but still original. Another quirky viral ad out recently created by the clever folk at Mother of London. It's the Travelodge Zzz squad - it's so cute and runs on print, online and TV.
It seems a bit OTT putting out a 'daily' blog, it's lasted a week but will now be just a 'whenever' blog. Have to round up some web design today, proof and send design to the printer then heading to a small art exhibition opening this evening ... TFI FRIDAY!

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