Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Gaga for Advertising

As if Lady Gaga, the crazy icon isn't filthy rich enough as it is, she has decided to cash in on product placement. I am not exactly what you'd call googoo for Gaga but the music is original, the music videos insane, on top of the original outifts and her fashion sence, all make you wonder what could she come up with next! (A little FYI: This global phenominom has some of her outfits made by British Fashion Designer Pam Hogg). She has become a style icon and I guarantee that sales of leopard print, leather and big sunglasses have soared!

During her recent telephone music video, which is over 9minutes long, hoasts a wide variety of big named brands. I watched it again and I spotted 10 products - all probably paying hundreds of thousands of mula to appear. Wonder bread, diet coke, polaroid,, Hewlett Packard, chevy trucks, monster heartbeats headphones, coors light (my personal favorite), miracle whip sanwich spread, some other brand of honey bun snack for 50c, while coming out on top was Virgin Mobile who was endorsed as the official network provider for Gaga! Lady Gaga actually landed a job out of all this with Polaroid, as Creative Director on their new product line. Well if she can land a creative job, my chances are looking up!

Other product placements include: redbull appearing in computer games; sony ericsson being the choice of the recent James Bond; Old Spice, Powerade & Wonderbread in Talladega Nights; Mini Coopers in both the Italian Job movies; FedEx in Castaway; probably the biggest is the Sex in the City movie - I have never seen/heard so many fashion labels in such a short space of time and I am sure SATC2 will not be lacking in promoting Jimmy Choo's jelly shoes, Chanel egg cups or Louis Vuitton headge clippers!

These big names have an advertising spend of millions so can afford just a few seconds of exposure. Millions yes, but they are obviously not the industry number 1. Keep an eye out next time you're munching away on your popcorn in front of the big screen and count how many brands you can spot!

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