Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Day 3: Wallace & Gromit still got it!

Good to see the Aardman Studios are getting work ... and why not! Wallace and Gromit are well known + adorable. They have come a long way from Christmas specials and appeared in the launch advertising for Harvey Nic's, Bristol. A large wod of the budget must have been put aside for creative work + ad space. They used the lovable characters to promote the opening and I'm sure you'll agree, Wallace wears his wool Paul Smith suit well!

NPower have again busted out the duo for their 2018 World Cup backing bid ad campaign - it's worth watching. I see Louis Spence getting his moneys worth from his new found fame-appearing in a viral video to launch a new channel for Man that guy can move! I would love to be able to work on creative campaigns of such a large scale - I'll keep at it and will strike it lucky.

Finally got my website up to scratch - take a peek at Then if you got 2minutes, take a look at the photography belonging to Stephen McLaren - it's well worth it!

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