Monday, 24 May 2010

Fashion Photography

People of all abilities are able to describe a scene or an image however no words could bring to life the work of Irving Penn at the National Portrait Gallery. I won a competition with the Daily Telegraph to go and review it, and for someone who loves colour, his work still inspired me to get back into b/w photography. Penn worked doing fashion photography for Vogue magazine in the 1950's and his portraits in the gallery along with the original covers shot for Vogue are worth seeing. One of his famous quotes was this: "Photographing a cake can be art", which I feel could inspire anyone to pick up a camera and start snapping away!

I came across this fashion shoot, with a difference. It's an IKEA advert from the agency DDB Oslo. If you appreciate the photo, see more from Massimo Leardini.

I worked an event in the ICC in Birmingham a few weeks ago. Got talking to the photographers who encouraged me to develop what photography skills I have (below). There is something interesting about being able to capture poses and expressions on a catwalk on in a studio would be a great thing to master.

Jason Christopher's work recently caught my eye. A US fashion advertising photographer whose uses small intense lighting to make a photo. Also this isn't fashion related but it's some excellent alternative images photos of NYC. Can't think of a more perfect job - New York City Snaps just going around capturing all the small details of NYC, that non-one notices.

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